Higher taxes on foreigners pitched to free up homes

11 April

Foreign buyers could be slugged with higher taxes for buying existing NSW homes as the government looks for ways to address the housing crisis. NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey said the state was grappling with a problem of overseas investors leaving...[Read More]

Maximising Wealth in Real Estate: Strategic Tax Structures and the Power of Professional Advice

4 April

Building wealth through property investment has long been a cornerstone of financial success for many individuals. The allure of real estate lies not just in its tangible nature but also in the various strategies and structures available to optimise...[Read More]

Wage review should consider tax cuts: retail bosses

3 April

Australia’s industrial umpire has been asked to consider upcoming federal government tax cuts when it decides on the next annual pay rise for low-paid workers. The Australian Retailers Association, representing more than 120,000 retail shop fronts...[Read More]

Building Wealth Through Property Investment and the Role of Professional Advice

28 March

The allure of property investment as a vehicle for wealth building and lifestyle enhancement cannot be overstated.    With the right strategies and insights, individuals can unlock significant financial benefits, paving the way to financial...[Read More]

Voters open-minded on investor tax break reform

20 March

Three in five Australian voters favour scaling back negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount, new polling suggests. One in five want investment property tax breaks to stay the same, according to the polling by independent consultancy...[Read More]

Calls for four-year forecast in GST carve-up

20 March

Four-year forecasts for state and territory shares of GST are being sought as the pushback against the annual carve-up of the tax continues. A longer forecast window from the Commonwealth Grants Commission would help secure budget bottom lines and...[Read More]

Getting your business on the right track

6 March

Deputy Commissioner Small Business, Will Day, provides advice on how to get the basics right. If you’re looking to start a new business, we want to help you get on the right track, right from the start. And if you are running an...[Read More]

Businesses to save as government scraps tariffs

14 March

Toothbrushes, sanitary products, washing machines and freezers may become cheaper in a move retailers say will reduce the costs of doing business. Almost 500 nuisance tariffs will be scrapped in the new financial year, saving companies more than $30...[Read More]

Aussies to keep more of what they earn as tax cuts pass

29 February

Low and middle income earners will soon keep more of what they earn after revamped tax cuts cleared federal parliament. Labor’s amended tax package was endorsed by the Senate on Tuesday evening after receiving backing in the lower...[Read More]

Is your business eligible for concessions – tips on small business tax offsets

29 February

As a small business owner, you may be eligible for concessions on the amount of tax you pay. This depends on your business structure, your industry and your annual turnover. If you have an aggregated turnover less than: $2 million, you can access...[Read More]

Data could end year-long holiday home tax breaks

22 February

New data collection methods could end the days of short-term rental property owners claiming tax deductions when the home is not being rented. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to raise the issue of the owners of holiday rentals or Airbnbs...[Read More]

Outgoing ATO boss calls for greater tax office powers

22 February

The outgoing head of the ATO has called for the tax office to have the power to collect evidence as part of criminal investigations. In a speech to the National Press Club, ATO commissioner Chris Jordan said the organisation should be given powers...[Read More]

PM delivers big pitch on tax cuts as crucial vote nears

15 February

Anthony Albanese has laid out his pitch for revamped income tax cuts as the changes reach a major hurdle. The prime minister told parliament the tax changes would not leave people behind, saying the measures represented meaningful change. “We want...[Read More]

Stamp duty costs climb as home buyers struggle to save

15 February

Saving for a house deposit is hard enough but it turns out other associated costs are soaring too, making home ownership more elusive. States and territories charge buyers stamp duty on most property purchases. The tax is up to six times more...[Read More]

Tax cuts all but assured as coalition backs changes

8 February

Low and middle income earners have been guaranteed extra relief, with bipartisan support secured for changes to income tax cuts. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said he would not stand in the way of those doing it tough and in need of tax...[Read More]